NUST Olympiad is back and it’s bigger and better this time. Housing more than 40 events and 3 mega social events, NUST Olympiad will be taking off next month. This mega-event is the highlight of all NUST events and competitions, bringing together participants from around the country to showcase their unbelievable talents, assess their skills and unlock their social and creative abilities.

This three day fiesta will run from 2nd March to 5th March 2017. These three days are jam-packed with fun, adrenaline rush and quiz. All NUST clubs and societies have joined hands together to produce grandeur, with a series of sports competitions, creative challenges, brain & mind games and exciting social events.

NUST Olympiad provides a unique opportunity to students from around Pakistan to exhibit their talents and participate in numerous creative, athletic and intellectual challenges including E-Gaming, Paintball, Product Photography, Bait Bazi, Master Chef, Wall Graffiti, Essay Writing, The Egg Rover Mission and much more. Sports competition includes Volleyball, Squash, Table Tennis, Archery, Marathon, Cricket and Wall Climbing. To top the thrill of these games and competitions, three spectacular social events have been planned to make this venture memorable for you. Olympiad will wrap up a happening carnival, a rocking concert and a classic themed dinner for participants.

But there is one more event at the NUST Olympiad’17 which is nothing like you have ever experienced before. It’s innovative; it’s challenging; it prompts you to put your joggers and thinking caps on and it offer incentives to all its players – it’s Mad Hunt.

Mad Hunt is not your average mobile app or game available on Play Store. It is an interesting amalgamation of real time and mobile gaming which aims to spice up the traditional game of Scavenger hunts and make it more fun and interactive.

How it works? Clues or small puzzles are dispersed all over the campus. Download the Mad Hunt game application from Google Play Stores or Apple App Store. As soon as you open it, a map of your surroundings will appear and you can see clues (as pins) on specific locations spread all over the map. Physically go near the clue pins so that the riddle or puzzle pop ups. Test your knowledge and intelligence and solve the riddle and move to the next one.

The more riddles you solve, the higher you move on the leader board. Collect as many points until the clock strives 12 on 5th March 2017. Winning teams will be announced after that.

But the game is not all about winning. There are surprise vouchers hidden under selected clues as well so there is an opportunity for literally everyone who plays the game..!

And the best part, the event is totally free for all of the participants of NUST Olympiad 2017 – no registration fee, no app purchase required. Be a part of NUST Olympiad in any way and play Mad Hunt!

Mad Hunt is neither racist nor discriminating. It is equally appealing for everyone. From couch potatoes to hikers and from teenagers to adults, the game is feasible for all. Irrespective of your school, campus and university Mad Hunt will be open to all participants of NUST Olympiad.

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