Mad hut hit the city of Islamabad on the 14th of August 2016! The reason for releasing the game on this day was because we wanted to help people celebrate Independence Day in it’s true essence. All the clues that were in the scavenger were specifically related to the history of Pakistan which helped people learn about their beautiful homeland and explore the most prominent places in the beautiful city of Islamabad. The game was posted on play store on the 13th of August. Year in and year out people celebrated Independence Day in the same monotonous way of randomly going out. We provided them with an opportunity where they not only went out but also truly connected with the celebration of their beautiful homeland and won monetary prizes for various restaurants along the way through Mad hunt. What better way to celebrate your country’s birthday right? Well that is exactly what our players thought as well. We had more than 250 active users that day who were running around Islamabad solving different clues and earning rewards and points in return.

Why did we choose Islamabad for our pilot run? Well, because what better way to celebrate Independence Day than in the heart of Pakistan, in the beautiful city of Islamabad. With Mad hunt, we helped the people of Islamabad not only connect with their own city and appreciate the beauties this city has to offer, but we also helped them refresh their knowledge about their own country and the hardships our ancestors went through to give us this beautiful homeland that we can now call our own. So this was the perfect time for us to show people what our game was all about in a fun, interactive and relatable manner.

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