Our pilot project which was run on the 14th August’ 2016 was a bigger success than we expected it to be. Although the game went live on the night of 13th August, we still managed to get more than 500 downloads within one night. Not only that, on the event day we managed to get more than 250 active users. We got a very positive response from almost all the players who played Mad hunt. When we talked to them, other than the difficulty of the riddles that were a part of the game, the players loved it and found the concept of the game very different and interesting and were very eager to know when the next hunt would be live so that they could ask more of their friends to play with them and win more prizes in return.

The prizes we gave out to our players were from brands who came on board with us to advertise their own brand through our platform. We were very aware of the fact that every brand takes out budget for events

like Independence which is why we capitalized on this opportunity and approached brands with the proposition that they can place their vouchers on our platform and hence reach out to all the players who would be actively playing our game on the 14th of August. In return they would be able to reach out to potential customers and more effectively market their brand without any additional investment.  Through our app, the brands experienced approximately a 100% redemption of their vouchers and were more than overwhelmed with the results. We had food industry brands on-board with us mainly like Funky Bake, Kublai’s kitchen etc. We had a total of 20 brands on-board with us for the event. Overall, this pilot run was a success as we got very useful feedback from our users and from the brands which we have incorporated now in our new version.

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