Treat Your Friends By Walking A 100 Meters :’D

Friends could either make you or break you, perhaps, that’s what we always tell our youngsters looking for the meaning of life. But do we actually believe that? I don’t think so…

How Friendship is perceived in 21st Century?



But was this ALWAYS the case? Did people never care? How about we dig deeper into this to see how friendship used to be.


No matter how much you think people don’t care, deep down, you know that your best friend would give up the world for you; therefore, we are sharing ten friendship stories with you focusing on what true friends are like.


  1. Your douche bags are my problems.

‘How could he? All men are the same. I will never forgive him.’ Maryam walked away angrily and  crying. After all those things Hasan said about love and always being together, how could he… how could he ever cheat her.

She saw her best friend Sughra and embraced her. ‘What’s wrong Maryam?’ she asked.

‘Hasan cheated me. I caught her with Sana. he’s such a douche.’ Sughra felt heartbroken to see her best friend like that. How could Hasan hurt her this bad? Eventually, the sympathy turned to anger and she felt aggregated.

Sughra quickly rushed towards Hasan-dragging Maryam with her- as he hanged out with his friends in cafeteria.

‘If you were gay you should have told her in the beginning you scum…’ she shouted at the top of her lungs.

Hasan was flabbergasted. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘You didn’t need to pretend that you were normal and hurt Maryam like that.’

‘Have you lost your mind…’

‘You don’t get to break anybody’s heart and next time be honest and tell them before lingering on… you gay…’

Hasan didn’t know what to do. The whole cafeteria starred him. Embarrassed, he turned towards hamza, who was disgusted and pushed him back, ‘get back. Don’t come near me.’

‘You actually believe her…’ Hasan couldn’t believe it. Without any reply, hamza and all the others, whom he called his besties, walked away. He looked at Sana and she acted no differently. She too had an awkward look. It was so over between him and her.

‘Wait, guys listen to me…’ he desperately called trying to get back any honor he had left.

Maryam too started to laugh. Hasan’s embarrassment did make her happy, but what made her happier was to have Sughra as a best friend who would truly do anything for you. Even strip someone out of their honor, respect and reputation. Maryam didn’t need Hassan, she was already blessed.


  1. The baggage of Friendship

The nurse, as displeased as she possibly could be, walked towards asad’s parents. ‘sir, apka beta tou theek nahi hai liken humme use discharge karna pare ga…’ Asad’s dad couldn’t make out the nurse’s words. ‘nurse, ye hap kia keh rahi hain?’

The nurse, frustrated, replied, ‘sir apke bete ka luggage humse bardasht nahi hota. Us ne tang krr keh rakha hoa hai…’ asad’s parents were astounded. What in the name of God was she talking about. ‘kia matlab?’ the mother asked as politely as she could.

‘pehle din se uske doston ne puri ward main qabza kia hoa hai. Pata nahi unka kia kam hai idhre.’

‘bhayee… wo uske best friends hain… unho ne tou pura time uske sath hi rehna hota hai…’

‘sir friendship apni jaga, liken ab main unko nahi bardasht krr sakti. Aj subha wo Zohair uske bed prr soya hoa tha tou usko injection laga dia… ab wo mar jata phir kon zimidar tha?’ she complained.

The parents were speechless. They didn’t know how else to defend their beloved son.

‘uskeh alawa pichle do din se wo tharki Hamza mujse dawayan leta ja raha hai. Btata bhi nahi keh wo patient nahi hai. Aj subha tou mujhe ank mar gaya…’ the nurse had all her documents prepared and wanted to win at all costs.

‘ap fikar na karen, main Asad ko samjhata hoon… main uske doston ko bhi samjhata hoon…’

suddenly, dad was interrupted by his ringing mobile. Coincidently, the loudspeaker was turned on.

‘aslam o alikum, gee Farhan beta bolo’

‘Uncle apne mujhe btaya kiun nahi Asad hospital main hai. Main bus abhi apne ghar walon aur cousins keh sath hospital pohnch raha hoon. Konsa hospital hai?’ dad was speechless, in fact, he had been speechless the whole time and the nurse, well… she started to cry… and walked away.


  1. The one who jumps from the cliff for you

In the midst of burning ice and bone shattering winds, all Usman could think of was Salman. His tired body, torn lips and frozen eyebrows meant nothing. It meant nothing if he couldn’t just save one friend. Without any further ado, he sprinted towards the broken bridge and jumped. ‘usman… no don’t…’ Ali yelled but it was useless and it was too late.

Ali fell to his knees. In that moment, he just lost two friends. Salman was in the hospital and the herbs that could save him were on the other side and the bridge broken, leaving a gap filled with nothing… nothing but failure, disappointment and death.

‘Usman, why did you have to jump…’ his eyes welled up. Suddenly, from the nothingness below, he heard a struggle. Was that Usman? The thought made Ali jump up and desperately look for any sign for his friend.

The blizzard cooled down, the silver lining on the clouds grew brighter, until the sun pierced through the dark clouds. The sun embraced them in it’s warmth as Ali smiled, finally, catching sight of Usman climbing using his pick ice.

In that moment, not only had Ali witnessed a miracle, but saw how determination only, saved the lives of his beloved friends…


Now we are giving you a chance to have your own friendship story.
Well walk a 100 meters for your friend and create your own unique story.


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  1. There are no 5 minutes when it comes to friendship

‘G Ammi main abhi bazar main hoon dayee le lia hai bus 5 mint main pohnch raha hoon’

Asad rushed through the crowd carrying his yoghurt. This was the same thing he told his mother 20 minutes earlier. In the scorching heat, he was the only person to be meandering through people.

Suddenly, a car-about to explode with teenagers-stopped screeching its tyres in front of him. Astonished at first, he came to realise that they were non other than Hamza, Hasan, Amish and many more of his best friends.

‘Oye Asad… aja beth ja. Salman ki party main ja rahe hain. Sahee shugal hoga.’ amish says

‘Nahi asakta yar… ghar 5 mint ka btaya hoa hai…’ asad sadly replies showing them his yoghurt.

Everybody cracks up laughing. ‘Hahaha. Bhai beth ja. Hum sab ne bhi ghar main 5 mint ka hi btaya hoa hai…’

A strange ecstasy took over asad and at that very moment, nothing mattered. Nothing, but the excitement of party rushing through his veins and without any further thoughts, he pierced his way into the overcrowded vehicle and they all cruised off.

Asad’s mom calls him again after 15 minutes. ‘G ammi, yahan se jalsa guzar raha hai. Boht rush bana hoa hai main bus PANCH mint main araha hoon…’ truly, for boys, there are no 5 minutes when it comes to friendship.


  1. No one calls me Fat, except my best friend


Two childhood best friends had an argument, which eventually turned into a verbal spar.

‘all that makeup and you still look like a witch.’ Sana yelled at Fatima.

‘I look like a witch, perhaps you never looked in the mirror…’

‘yes… I look in it all the time…’

‘that’s why you have nightmares…’ Fatima replied.

‘aaaaah!’ Sana was frustrated. ‘look who’s talking. The person who paints her face with makeup everyday’

‘do you even know what you’re talking about?’

‘yes… I know you elephant…’

‘how dare you call me fat…’ Fatima was enraged.

Aqib, having a crush on Sana, couldn’t bear Fatima calling her a witch. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and now was her chance to back her up. Maybe, showing his loyalty would get her to hang out with him.

He interrupted them, ‘yes Sana you’re right. Fatima is so fat…’

Both the girls glared at Aqib, giving him nightmarish looks. He felt awkward. Was there something wrong?

‘how dare you call my best friend fat,’ Sana lashed at him. Aqib couldn’t believe her. He was backing her up. ‘I’m fat… look at yourself you douche. You look like a bear’

‘you’re hairy as a bear too.’ Aqib surrendered as Sana and Fatima roasted him. What hell had he gotten himself into.

‘and look at that big nose. You’re so ugly.’ Fatima yelled at him and with it he walked away, having absolutely no idea what hit him.

The two girls looked at each other and after a vicious stare, they shook their heads and walked away. No matter how mad Sana may be at her bestie, only she could insult her and same went for Fatima.


  1. The one who gets beaten up with you

The only thing i wanted that day was tomatoes. How i wish i had stayed home. The day was as usual as it could get and the bazar was crowded. Extra crowded that day, as i remember.

There was a group of people thrashing a youngster nearby. Poor guy. He should have been careful not to mess with these people in this heat. Such an idiot!

I got my tomatoes and as i head back, i realised that the idiot being thrashed was non other than Furqan.

‘Furqan…’ i shouted as an indian hero getting all pumped up to beat up sixty men. Of course, in real life, two against fifteen always had the same outcome.

I joined them and started getting beaten up with him. I was of no help, but atleast i had satisfied my conscience.

In the end, what left was me and furqan lying on the ground lifelessly. Of course, there were the squashed tomatoes beside us but it didn’t matter, no one could tell the difference anyways…


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  1. YOUR DAD…! No worries.

It was the third time wajid was caught bunking the class. He was given two warnings, but now this was it. The third time was it. He never learns… and now his teacher took her to the principal’s office, as wajid walked behind her trying to look as innocent as possible.

Meanwhile, Imran rushed towards the toilet. His friend was in trouble and he had to help him out.

‘Tumhe sharam nahi ati. Tumhare parents mahine ki itni ziada fees dete hain aur tum usko zaya krr rahe ho.’ The principle lectured wajid as he stood there with his head down.

‘Bus ma’am aik chance de dain ainda aesi ghalti nahi hogi’

‘Nahi. Tumhe 2 warnings mil chuki hain, ab main tumhare abbu ko call karti hoon aur btati hoon unka beta kia gul khila raha hai’

Swiftly, she grabbed her phone and dialed the number, which was presumably, wajid’s dad. Imran picked his phone-hiding in the toilet- and with a hoarse and authoritative voice, he said, ‘Hello…’

‘Aslam o alikum. Main wajid keh sckool se baat krr rahi hoon aur apka beta pure din class bunk karta rehta hai. Uska koi kam mukamil nahi hota. Ab iska kia kia jaye?’

‘Acha…’ Imran aggressively said. The principal couldn’t figure out Imran pretending to be wajid’s dad. ‘Shukar hai aapne bta dia. Bus aj wo ghar ata hai main use poochta hoon. Uska sab kuch band. Koi ps4 nahi, koi cricket nahi kuch bhi nahi…’

‘G us prr thori sakhti karne ki zaroorat hai.’

‘Nahi ap tension na len. Aj bus wo ghar aye uske kher nahi hai. Bus aesa karen is dafa main samjhata hoon, agar na samjha tou agli dafa ap uske sath jo marzi karna chahti hain krr dijye ga…’

‘G behter hai,’ and with this she put down her phone and wajid was dismissed, having alligator’s tears in his eyes. His friend had saved him once more. What would have he ever done without him.


  1. ‘The Revenant’ in real life.

At that very moment, I thought Ahmad had completely lost it. It had been three days without food and water since we lost our trail in that God forsaken jungle. Considering the pinching snow, frozen lungs and extreme thirst and hunger, I was certain that when he lashed at me, I was dead meat…

He glared at me, completely horrified. I was frightened. I panicked. I saw myself as the punching bag to Ahmad’s frustration. ‘Ahmad kheriat tou hai?’ I said.

There was no reply. Just this terrifying silence. He pulled out his knife. ‘Ahmad yeh kia krr raha hai!’ I was freaked out. Still no reply but I could see his anxiety. He was sweating, panting and vicious. Eventually, without uttering a single word, he lashed at me with all his might. ‘Ahmad…’ I yelled and closed my eyes. This was it. This was finally it.

There was a familiar groan. Was that Ahmad? I opened my eyes. Where was I? In heaven? No… the cold, the stench and pain, this was hell… no, I was alive and still in this God forsaken jungle. ‘Aaaah!’ I heard. It was Ahmad. I turned around and what I saw was beyond any bravery I had ever seen.

Ahmad had stabbed a bear just behind me. He hadn’t lost it, nor was he mad at me for losing the map, instead he saved my life and was getting fiercely beaten by that meatball. ‘Usama bhago…main isko sambhalta hoon. Tum niklo yahan se.’ He ordered me. But I would never leave him behind. I couldn’t live with myself if I did. I grabbed a nearby twig and bluntly broke onto it, only to be thrown several feet away like… nothing.

As I pulled myself together I could see the bear biting, scratching and throwing Ahmad wherever it possibly could. I got up. This will not be the end of us. I ran towards it and stabbed the only

vulnerable thing it had, its eyes. The bear roared in pain, aimlessly striking the air. Without its sight it was completely defenseless. Fortunately, the only thing it could do was to run away and finally, leave us alone.

A sigh of relief, I calmed my shivering body. No person deserved that. Not even a sinner. Ahmad…where was he. I couldn’t lose him. Not after this. I got up, turned around and saw him just lying there, bleeding…

That day I lost my friend forever because the person that survived, was much greater…


  1. That one friend who can teach you the whole course in 10 mins before exam

Giving an exam is scary. But giving an exam knowing nothing is scary on whole new scale… This was what had Kashif terrified. 20 minutes left and the only thing he knew was the date… or maybe not even that.

‘Bhayee aj bara dar lag raha hai. Sari raat parhta raha hoon prr kuch pale nahi para. Main tou fail hojaown ga’, Kashif expressed himself to Saad.

‘Yar tou puri raat parhne ki kia zaroorat thi. So jata aur abhi fresh mind keh sath paper de deta’

‘Fresh mind keh sath bhi konsa teer mar lena tha. Jab kuch ata hi na ho tou fresh mind kia krr le ga…’

‘Yar kam az kam neend tou puri hoti na. Neend bhi puri nahi ki aur fail bhi hojaye ga haha…’ Saad laughed trying to cheer Kashif up.

‘Tou theek dost hai. Main yahan museebat main hoon aur tujhe mazak sooj raha hai’, Kashif was annoyed.

Realising how tensed his bestie was, Saad’s grin faded away and he stepped up to help him.

‘Tujhe kia samajh nahi araha?’ he asked

‘Yar akhri chapter boht mushqil hai. Bilkul nahi ata’

‘Akhri chapter…! Yar wo tou boht asan hai. Ruk main tujhe abhi samjhata hoon sab fit hojaye ga’. Without wasting a moment, Saad opened up his notes and then and there, Kashif’s bestie became the best teacher to have ever taught him

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  1. If a friend lets you ride his vehicle, he’s a friend for life

‘Aaaaaah…’ Saqib screamed at the top of his lungs as they cruised in his bicycle. Not that he was scared of speed, he just couldn’t bear the harshness being done by Ali to his beloved companion.

‘Bhayee dekh keh chala…’ he said as Ali went up and down in the uneven bad lands. Saqib wanted to show Ali the joy of off-roading in a bicycle. Well… it seemed that things just didn’t turn out to be the way he wanted. In fact, it was a nightmare.

Before Ali knew it, he pretty much lost control as the ride went down a steep slope. A ‘not so fast’ speed turned uncontrollable. Saqib, already pale, lost his colours completely and terrified to the core. Facing a thousand bloodthirsty and mad bulls seemed a stroll in the park on a beautiful sunny day with birds chirping in chorus.

Suddenly, few feets away, Saqib saw a ledge upon which they were bound to jump if Ali didn’t pull the brakes.

‘Brake mar… brake mar… brake mar…’ he kept shouting as his love went into air and came crashing down. Of course, they too rolled several times but it was okay, they didn’t have to pay to make their own repairs.

In the end, Saqib sobbed upon the trash which once used to be a vehicle and Ali stood besides him with his head down. Both, having a two men funeral.

‘Bike tou gayee par Allah ka shukar hai apni bachat hogayee. Chal aaja ghar chalen…’ Saqib said with a vague smile.

Ali too smiled, feeling lucky to have a bestie like him.

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